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BREAKING NEWS : Working towards a regime change — Boon Kia Meng

DEC 19 2009 — As Malaysians look towards the future and faces the question of what it would mean to be a Malaysian in the 21st century, our nation needs more than what we have experienced thus far in the last 52 years, in the areas of governance, the economy, social welfare and our cultural lives.

What Malaysia needs is a regime change.

A common and truly participatory Malaysian democratic project of regime change will save us from the dangerous old politics of racism, discrimination, corruption and oppressive rule experienced over the last 52 years. The Pakatan Rakyat, responding to the rakyat’s indomitable democratic spirit and hunger for true and fundamental change, accepts the unique opportunity and mandate given by the Rakyat on March 8, 2008, to re-imagine and chart a new and decisive course in Malaysia’s history.

To this end, the three member parties, in a spirit of mutual respect and common deliberation, taking full account of our respective political beliefs and values, have sought to transcend these differences in authoring this common document called the Dasar Pakatan Rakyat. We believe that the higher and more fundamental values for all Malaysians, Justice, Dignity and Mutual Respect, should be the basis for our citizenship, identity and our common good.

We have resolved in our Dasar Pakatan Rakyat to:

  • Put a clear and decisive end to the politics of racism and discrimination in all government policies and legislation.
  • Restore the Supremacy of the Federal Constitution and the Rule of Law, where there will be greater democratisation in all public institutions, organs of government, the courts and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Develop a truly People’s Economy, as opposed to an economy that has benefitted cronies and those with vested interests, where corruption and wasteful public spending will be vigorously combated. We will instill greater transparency and accountability in government and the public sector.
  • Restore meaning to Federalism where States’ rights are defended and economic wealth will be shared on a fair and equitable basis, including tax revenues and oil royalties.
  • Abolish the ISA and all oppressive and draconian laws that infringe every Malaysians’ fundamental liberties and human rights.
  • Arrest the years of under-investment and bad planning in our education, transport and health-care systems, where greater resources will be mustered and better managed for their revitalisation and the well-being of all Malaysians.
  • Develop a social protection agenda to ensure all marginalized and vulnerable groups are protected and their welfare safe-guarded.
  • Enhance greater democratic and cultural space for the flourishing of a vibrant multiculturalism and also for the arts and literature.

We are confident that all Malaysians will find these policies and much more in our Dasar Pakatan Rakyat, being a part of our sacred pact with the Rakyat, our sincere commitment to effect real and substantive changes to the daily lives of every single Malaysian citizen.
The writer was part of the drafting committee for the common policy platform.

(C) 2009 - Boon Kia Meng, DAP National Headquarters Research Officer
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