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Police report lodged against Negri Sembilan chieftain

By: By Karen Arukesamy (Sun, 20 Jun 2010)

[Dato Sri Maharaja Zulkeply Dahalan]

KUALA LUMPUR (June 20, 2010): In the continuing dispute over who is the rightful chieftain of Negri Sembilan’s Sungai Ujong clan, its board chief has lodged a police report against current chieftain Mubarak Dohak.

The report lodged by Datuk Sri Maharaja Di Raja Luak Sungai Ujong Zulkepley Dahalan last Wednesday called for investigations into documents related to Mubarak’s appointment.

"We fear there could be forgery of documents on his appointment,” Zulkepley said at a press conference today.

He said the dispute over Mubarak’s appointment, which was in accordance with the "perpatih" customary law, is not new.

"It has been ongoing for 17 years and we have held five extraordinary general meetings to officially sack him.

"However, the state government has not responded positively to any of the calls from the clan," he said.

Zulkepley said Datuk Othman Ismail, the 11th Datuk Klana Petra, was appointed in February 2009 through "the right process" unlike the 10th Datuk Klana Petra Datuk Mubarak Dohak who was appointed by the state government.

The state appointed Mubarak in 1993 and his post has been disputed since 1994 because he was not appointed through the right process.

In accordance with the state's Malay rulers' customary laws, any appointment would require the endorsement of the clan.

"The state government must respect our rights. Not only was he appointed through the wrong process, he was also sacked through five EGMs for 26 customary law offences," he said.

[Dato Sri Maharaja Zulkepley Dahalan]

Zulkepley said Mubarak's customary law offences include not obtaining the approval of his appointment from the heirs of the Sungai Ujong clan, and that Datuk Shahbandar Sahari Hassan, who declared Mubarak’s appointment, was sacked by Mubarak soon after the appointment but without the presence of the Sungai Ujong board and heirs.

Zulkepley said if the state government does not endorse the sacking of Mubarak, the perpatih custom would be tainted.

Under the state constitution, the clan’s chieftain, who is given the title Datuk Klana Petra, is also the rightful person to declare and install the yang di-pertuan besar of the state.

Zulkepley said in the event of a dispute over the choice of chieftain, and members of the clan cannot agree on a suitable candidate, the matter would be brought to the next level (Ibu-ibu soko) to be decided.

This continues up the hierarchy until it reaches the level of the Pillar of the Court, which is headed by the Datuk Sri Maharaja Di Raja. It will then be up to the head of the Pillar of the Court to choose a suitable candidate.

“However, this did not happen in Mubarak’s case. That is why his appointment has been disputed. None of the heirs want to support him and his administration,” Zulkepley said.

“Othman, who is the rightful chieftain has all the evidence of his appointment according to the adat,” he said.

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