Sunday, December 5, 2010


Apakah Melayu LESU dalam zaman bebas bersuara ini? Bacalah petikan ini.

OK. We begin now...

The pendatang fella from Palembang, who came to Malaysia in 1403, was Adam. He was NOT Parameson-of-a-samseng-from-majapahit-who-run-away-fast-fast. He was Adam. And his wife's name is Hawa. Only the bloody stupid Jews call her Eve. How can they be so stupid? Eve and Hawa are so different-leh!! You never hear anyone saying Eve-Dingin, right? It's Hawa-Dingin, you dum-dum NONs!! Anyway, the world began when Allah made Adam, and the Garden of Eden is in Palembang. It's still there today. It's called Taman Bunga Medan. You can go there to take pictures of the Glorious Durian Tree, which Allah told Adam and Hawa NOT to eat. Unfortunately, that stupid woman tak boleh tahan, and HAD to eat the durian. Proving once and for all that Medan Durian is the BEST durian in the world!!! You see, even the Durian is Malay.

So, the concept of Ketuanan is this. The Malays are the MOST important race in the world!! Everyone else is inferior, especially the Arabs!! They have a much more interesting dance called Belly-dancing, while we only had Dangdut. Cheh!!! Inul was not born yet, unfortunately, so we made do with the Pendet, the dance which the bloody Balinese copied. Same for RASUAH Sayang. Which the stupid Indonesia copied. Speaking of copied, they even copied our Batik, and is now made their National Heritage!!! DAMN!!! The Malays are go great, that even the Hindus copied our Ramayana Wayang Kulit, and the Javanese copied our Kuda Kepang!!! Someday, we will RAMPAS it all back from them!!![Baca seterusnya]

Rajamenangis: Tak ada apa-apa tindakan pun oleh Kerajaan?

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