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Malay Magic - salah satu kajian terbaik perbomohon Melayu yang di tulis oleh penulis Barat.

Malay Magic Reprint 24
Malay Magic: Being an Introduction to the Folklore and Popular Religion of the Malay Peninsula
By Walter William Skeat
764pp. Size: 146x222mm. Hardcover


Introduction by J.M Gullick

  1. Nature
    a. Creationof the World
    b. Natural Phenomena

  2. Man and his Place in the Universe
    a. Creation of Man
    b. Sactity of the Body
    c. The Soul
    d. Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Souls

  3. Relations with the Supernatual World
    a. The Magician
    b. High Places
    c. Nature of Rites

  4. The Malay Pantheon
    a. Gods
    b. Spirits, Demons, and Ghosts

  5. Magic Rites Connected with the Several Department of Nature
    a. Air — 1. Wind and Weather Charms; 2. Birds and Bird Charms
    b. Earth — 1. Building Ceremonies and Charms; 2. Beasts and Beast Charms; 3. Vegetation Charms; 4. Minerals and Mining Charms
    c. Water — 1. Purification by Water; 2. The Sea, Rivers and Streams; 3. Reptile and Reptile Charms; 4. Fishing Ceremonies
    d. Fire — 1. Production of Fire; 2. Fire Charms

  6. Magic Rites as Affecting the Life of Man
    a. Birth-Spirits
    b. Birth Ceremonies
    c. Adolescence
    d. Personal Ceremonies and Charms
    e. Betrothal
    f. Marriage
    g. Funerals
    h. Medicine
    i. Dances, Sports, and Games
    j. Theatrical Exhibitions
    k. War and Weapons
    l. Divination and the Black Art

Notes on the word Kramat
List of Chief Authorities Quoted

Appendix with W.W. Skeat's Annotations
List of Illustrations

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