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The Ahlul Bait of Rasulullah SAW are descendants of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Propagated through the marriage of his daughter Saiyiditina Fatimah RA to his cousin Saiyidina Ali Karamalluwajha, the bloodline flourished and continue to be instrumental in the well-being of the Muslims until today 1,400 years after the prophet’s death, carrying his role of supporting, protecting and defending the sanctity of the religion of Islam.

The Malay Sultanates are among the few monarchies in the world still existing until today having hereditary roots which started no less than 600 years ago with the advent of the glorious kingdom of Melaka whose port is said to rival Venice in Europe, the biggest and most progressive Western city of that time. While most rulers institution have crumbled down due to modernisation which has created republics and such, a number of Malay Sultanates still continue to function as the symbol of strength for its people despite its authority having largely been clipped due to the concept of constitutional monarchy along with parliamentary democrary introduced by the British during its colonial days.

What is more striking is the fact that there are 9 Malay Sultanates still functioning with full royal regalia in Peninsular Malaysia. Its land-mass is just 600 square kilometres bigger than the size of England but yet it has 9 kings compared to the latter’s one queen making it the highest concentration of monarchies in one area compared to anywhere else in the world! In a world where Western-invented democrary rules with its leaders the politicians chosen by the masses, the existence of heriditary rulers is like an oxymoron. In fact with 9 kings still existing in such a small area, it is actually a big slap to certain parties who are bent on dominating the world as destroying all hereditary rule is a big step in their plans as detailed in Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

While these parties were very instrumental in destroying all other monarchies, it still fails to dislodge the kings in Malaysia. Why? Is it because of their special relationship with the Ahlul Bait?
The book “Ahlul Bait and the Malay Sultanates” tries to answer these questions as it follows the importance of the Ahlul Bait of Rasulullah SAW as inheritors of the Prophetic family (Prophet Adam AS down to Noah AS on to Abraham AS, Ishmael and so on) and how political intrigues and circumstances in the Middle East have made a number of them migrated east to the Malay world. It this from here that a strong meaningful relationship was cemented with the rulers, the continued existence of the Ahlul Bait and the Malay Sultanates implying a huge responsibility they will shoulder towards the end of times.

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